How it works?

Our holistic care program for diabetes includes coaching, peer support and community challenges that help you build long-term healthy habits.

Diabetes Counselling

Your personal diabetes coach who connects with you to understand your lifestyle and create a personalised diet plan.

Private Breathe Community

Connect with peers to discuss progress and find support in a positive, moderated environment.

Stress Reduction

Reduce stress, manage anxiety and sleep better with our online meditation modules.

Rewards Program

Earn reward points with a personalized report card that tracks your weekly goals.

Lifestyle Tracking

Track your meals, activity, and other metrics like weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose all in one place and log in anytime to see your progress.

Community Challenges

Participate in community challenges through a real-time leaderboard.

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Imagine a life
without diabetes

With a clinically proven program, we have inspired 10,000+ participants to improve their blood sugar control, reduce medication and lose significant weight.


Participants reduced or eliminated their
dependency on medications


Participants showed reduction
in HbA1c levels


Average HbA1c reduction among
those who showed a drop

5.5 kg

Average weight loss after
16 weeks program

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